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The United Corporations of America

by on Sep.10, 2011, under Survival


In The Fed We Trust


I used to think that it was a good thing that the rich were in charge. These days I’ve changed my mind. They’ve taken it all. We are no longer valued as a necessary component of America.

If Americans decide to take back America we can do it. We have the numbers but do we have the intelligence and will?

You thought the decline of our educational system was from neglect?  Nah, it’s in the plan.  People who respond to emotional rants and can’t think for themselves are useful in the short run in getting new “yes guys” elected.  I know, sounds like a conspiracy.  Actually it’s an ongoing coup.

It blows my mind that Wisconsin can elect Scott Walker as governor and he turns on his own people within a week of taking office.

So the rich get richer and the rest of us suck air.  No single-payer health care? That’s for evolved nations.  No taxes on massive U.S. Corprations? They can afford real tax accountants and they pay for the cost of electing our politicians.  No one regulating hedge funds and their managers (who make $2 million per hour)?  Nah, the regulators are in bed with the same folks they’re supposed to be watching.

It would be easier to say that it’s too late or that I’m obviously just overreacting.  But it was spooky to watch Professor Orlov (, who now lives and teaches in Maine, speak of his first-hand account of the crumbling of the Russian Empire.  He said that suddenly there was no money for any of the usual things. Debt had crippled any ability to make things work.  But I thought the most telling thing was that he said the country’s leaders stopped making any sense. They spoke nonsense. Wow, now that hits home. These days we have Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry leading the way…

I start to think above this stuff…actually there is another rather big element at work that doesn’t respond to rhetoric or emotional rants. Nature is actually the big equalizer.  The planet wins in the end.  We pollute it so humanity dies and the earth will survive just fine without us.

Our arrogance prohibits us from even considering the effects we have on the climate.  We can’t afford to be proper citizens.  Politicians say that we can’t make the numbers work.  That’s funny.  We can’t “afford” our own survival.  The numbers don’t work.

Whose numbers? Oh, that’s right, the rich.  They have the numbers that count.  One percent of Americans own and control sixty percent of the wealth of America.

Now let’s look at earthquakes, floods and famine… nuclear accidents and nuclear on-purposes.  Won’t that affect the rich?  Have they already built luxury cities on the bottom of the ocean?  Luxury spaceships?  Will anyone notice when all the rich folks disappear?

Aren’t they even a little amused by our presence? Won’t they miss us?

Can you imagine the richest Americans?  What really do they want with the world?  They don’t want educated citizens or we’d have great funding for schools.  They don’t want clean air or we’d have electric cars and solar homes and factories.  They obviously don’t want a middle or even lower class or they would have kept jobs in the U.S.

So what do they want?  If we can answer that, we could save a lot of struggle.

They’ve got all the money…so they eat and dress fabulously. They live in many fantastic homes. They fly only in private jets…have only rich friends and do what they want. What’s left?

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and famines are left.

Welcome to the future?


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